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The Clients of EurTradeNet are its Members; the CRSPs associated to ETN get specialised sector information to anticipate eCustoms needs and to prepare their IT solutions to upcoming challenges, being more visible at the International level thus armed and ready for trans-National projects.

The specialised eCustoms information comes from both internal and external sources. From EurTradeNet itself, the ETNers are advised on global tendencies but also on European diversities, the problems and solutions being implemented in their neighbour countries. They access to all the analysis and activities of the whole ETN Alliance, while getting in direct contact with the leading service companies providing customs information handling Europe-wide, at the top management level.

But EurTradeNet makes also available for its partners and members the specialised information coming from the international sources the ETN Alliance is linked to. As the professional association actively participating at the working sessions of relevant bodies such as DG TAXUD and WCO, EurTradeNet has access to their internal info- servers and acts as the distributor of this sector knowledge to its ETN membership. Having EurTradeNet as its global ear&voice, all ETN partners are fully aware, right at the correct moment and with the needed level of detail, on all the intermediate outcomes and final decisions influencing the eCustoms sector.

Additional know-how also comes from the other players involved in foreign trade, since EurTradeNet is seated right beside the more traditional European trade associations of air and sea freight, the ones grouping together the express couriers and the forwarders, the rail and road transportation unions, and the most relevant industrial and commercial European alliances. Participating at the Trade Contact Group sessions together (and at the Electronic Customs Group as requested), being all stable attendants to the international discussions at the WCO and UN/CEFACT, challenging the same future but from complementary perspectives ad-hoc meetings are organised with the key agents of the value-chain, and multi-lateral statements are agreed to present more solid positions to global authorities and regulatory bodies.

ETN is the European knowledge broker of the customs-related service provision

Being part of EurTradeNet, working close to the other leading CRSPs Europe-wide, having prompt specialised information from the overall sector and getting an international visibility that is hard to reach as a single company from one region the ETN partners and members overpass their own local prestige to become reliable players for multi-country collaborations.