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New global service providers associated to EurTradeNet

Oct 2011 New global service providers associated to EurTradeNet

The ETN Alliance is continuing to enlarge its network of qualified partners and members, this month agreeing on a professional collaboration with the highly experienced firm AEB.

EurTradeNet is honoured to count on the eCustoms know-how of AEB, a service provider that originated in the German-speaking countries of

Europe, but with a long-established international presence and expanding worldwide operations.

AEB has been delivering supply chain logistics software and eCustoms handling solutions to key clients for over thirty years. The company has more than 5,500 customers worldwide supported by offices in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, and the United States.

The deployment approach of AEB is somehow designed to offer the best solutions to its customers: he systems are developed and maintained in-house, while their own professional capabilities are multiplied by linking with third-party solutions providers that complement their value-offer in very specialised areas and/or specific geographical regions. The significant expertise AEB has in electronic customs clearance, its high profesional standards and leading performance internationally, have been the crucial criteria in welcoming AEB to EurTradeNet.

The ETN Alliance is still growing, searching for complementary expertise to add to its unique knowledge network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map.

If you are a fully certified company in your CRSP actuation, if you are willing to fair professional collaborations for getting broader and wider, if you believe in adding for becoming better… you are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet. We´ll be glad to listen to your proposal.