Eurtradenet | Expansion of ETN sector representation
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Expansion of ETN sector representation

Sep 2011 Expansion of ETN sector representation

New ETNers from key trading areas like Czech Republic and Italy… stable ETN representation in
Slovakia, Turkey and the Russian Federation… and more international firms with a global service scope. Leading customs-related service providers from all over are nowadays added to EurTradeNet, the ETN knowledge network.

EurTradeNet is consolidated with a significant group of partners and members, while keep looking for a complete representation of the European eCustoms diversity, and opening its doors to other continents and complementary players. Gathering the broader customs-related knowledge and unique expertise is our continuous challenge at ETN, and year 2011 has been a great momentum to welcome additional members and stable partnership.

dFlex Nitra from Slovakia entered EurTradeNet by January 2011, and it is already confirmed as stable ETNer. But we are also proud to announce the ETN stable collaboration with leading CRSPs from neighbour territories (ACS from Russia and ULUKOM from Turkey), and our new ETN associates from Italy (ACO Informatica) and the Czech Republic (CNS). And EurTradeNet also augmented its more global representation, now having a stronger membership by joining as well KSD Software and Cargonaut International.

The ETN Alliance is still growing up, searching for complementary expertise to add to its unique knowledge network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map.

If you are a fully certified company in your CRSP actuation, if you are willing to fair professional collaborations for getting broader and wider, if you believe in adding for becoming better… you are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet. We´ll be glad to listen to your proposal.