Eurtradenet | EurTradeNet strengthen professional liaisons in the Benelux
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EurTradeNet strengthen professional liaisons in the Benelux

Sep 2015 EurTradeNet strengthen professional liaisons in the Benelux

EurTradeNet-ETN strongly believes that cooperation leads to excellence and keeps determined to augment its knowledge assemblage and influence capacity for the best benefit of the eCustoms sector. ETN is honoured with the adhesion of the leading provider INTRIS, and proudly welcomes the affiliation of the Belgian group CRSNP.

INTRIS is a Belgian-based software and IT services provider in the logistics landscape, for over 20 years. From small-and-medium enterprises to the major worldwide traders in the Benelux region, all agents of the value-chain benefit from their integrative solutions. Furthermore, INTRIS has been an entrepreneur obtaining the first AEO certifications for IT&C companies operating in Europe; the relevant Authorities also accredited them as robust and secure provider to widely serve eCustoms. EurTradeNet is honoured with the effective adhesion of INTRIS as ETN Member, to apprehend more and to fairly share differential know-how and foreign-trade eServices experience.

Founded in 2003, CRSNP is the National association grouping the Customs-Related Service and Network Providers delivering IT&C solutions in Belgium. Over more than a decade, CRSNP has enlarged its membership and constructed solid professional links with the relevant Belgian Authorities. Both CRSNP and EurTradeNet aim to complementarily promote the value-proposition of their highly specialised membership and in looking ahead better eCustoms facilitation in an ever-challenging scene. Mutually respecting own membership and further expansion of both Associations, CRSNP-Belgium has become an ETN Affiliate, to work closer together on overall info&lobby adequacy to eCustoms realities and needs, and both looking forward to a greater understanding and provision of common benefits with immediate effect.

Under bona fide principles, the adhesion of a new member or affiliate to EurTradeNet allows mutual assessment of the values offered by each party, the joint commitment towards a common vision and shared goals, and the respectful fulfilment of ETN professional cooperation.

The EurTradeNet – ETN Association keeps growing and is in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map.

  • If you are a fully certified CRSP company or a specialised entity also dealing with eCustoms,
  • If you are willing to establish fair professional collaborations that will make you well-prepared,
  • If you believe that cooperation leads to excellence.

… You are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet-ETN.

We are looking forward to your approach to ETN!!!