Eurtradenet | EurTradeNet strengthen international liaisons
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EurTradeNet strengthen international liaisons

Dec 2017 EurTradeNet strengthen international liaisons

EurTradeNet-ETN keeps augmenting its qualified knowledge network, in Europe and internationally. ETN is honoured with the adhesion of the global logistics solutions provider CDM Software, since long acknowledged by the US Customs Department, nowadays expanded with a new office in London.

CDM Software Solutions was founded in 1988 in the United States of America, with the aim to provide automated solutions all along the supply chain. CDM has an extensive portfolio of products and services, with ad-hoc solutions for all the parties involved in international logistics: importers and exporters, carriers and freight forwarders, all the variety of intermediate agents serving air and sea freight.

Certified by the US Customs Department as software application provider, CDM Software participates at the most relevant consultation forum in North America. They collaborate with acknowledged bodies and relevant institutions there, including membership of CESAC, the only trade committee able to work with the US Customs.

CDM Software decided to expand European operations and opened a new office in London. The relevant position of CDM in the US, and its international expertise in automation and logistics innovation, is a perfect complement to the trans-European knowledge sharing chaired by EurTradeNet-ETN.

Under bona fide principles, the adhesion of a new member to EurTradeNet allows mutual assessment of the values offered by each party, the joint commitment towards a common vision and shared goals, and the respectful fulfilment of ETN professional cooperation.

The EurTradeNet – ETN Association keeps growing and is in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map. 

  • If you are a fully certified CRSP company or a specialised entity also dealing with eCustoms,
  • If you are willing to establish fair professional collaborations that will make you well-prepared,
  • If you believe that cooperation leads to excellence

… You are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet-ETN.

We are looking forward to your approach to ETN!!! Contact