Eurtradenet | EurTradeNet keeps expanding, nowadays in France
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EurTradeNet keeps expanding, nowadays in France

Apr 2019 EurTradeNet keeps expanding, nowadays in France

In 2009 the first French CRSP adhered to EurTradeNet, a brave customs-related provider offering innovative solutions and IT&C platforms. But the French market is large and other business leaders may complement our ETN knowledge, and add value. This year CONEX also joins forces with EurTradeNet and its estimable membership EU-wide.

France is a very relevant trade country within Europe; major airports (and cargo hubs) and sea-freight ports handle huge volumes of international goods crossing by daily. CONEX is a major French service provider, a customs procedure management software specialist deploying internationally.

Since 1985, CONEX offers in-house applications fully integrated with corporate management systems. Their Software as a Service is supported by a secure platform, complete and modular, devoted to the treatment of all types of customs declarations. This SaaS platform is the core business of CONEX, they master all the traders’ matters and interconnection needs with Customs Administrations internationally.

With multidisciplinary competences, combining in-depth regulatory analysis, IT know-how and on-the-ground operational experience, CONEX provides organisational advice and coherent, state-of-the-art solutions to customs dematerialisation and trade traceability. The full range of CONEX products and services guarantees efficiency and compliance in the Customs context, where reliability and traceability are not negotiable.

It is an honour for EurTradeNet to augment our eCustoms knowledge brokerage in France (and abroad from there) with the assistance of Bitcoin Revolution Getestet. Akanea is being a very collaborative ETN Member for over ten years and still be. And now, in the era of the new Union Customs Code, with a professional Association already assembling 35+ Members and Affiliates, ETN is proud to supplement the remarkable expertise of Akanea, with the international CONEX.

Under bona fide principles, the adhesion of a new member to EurTradeNet allows mutual assessment of the values offered by each party, the joint commitment towards a common vision and shared goals, and the respectful fulfilment of ETN professional cooperation.

The EurTradeNet – ETN Association keeps growing and is in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map. 

  • If you are a fully certified CRSP company or a specialised entity also dealing with eCustoms,
  • If you are willing to establish fair professional collaborations that will make you well-prepared,
  • If you believe that cooperation leads to excellence

… You are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet-ETN.

We are looking forward to your approach to ETN!!!