Eurtradenet | EurTradeNet expands in the Nordic region adhering new leading providers
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EurTradeNet expands in the Nordic region adhering new leading providers

Jul 2015 EurTradeNet expands in the Nordic region adhering new leading providers

ETN keeps adding customs-related knowledge in a continuum, for the best benefit of its fellow membership and the whole eCustoms community. After a successful 2015 Annual Meeting in Istanbul, EurTradeNet-ETN is proud to announce the effective adhesion of the leading Nordic firm KGH Customs Services.

For almost 14 years EurTradeNet-ETN is professionally representing the Customs-Related Service Providers active in Europe, the specialised companies delivering technological solutions to international traders to handle their eCustoms operations in the ancient continent. Officially acknowledged as the sole Professional Association compiling the specialised know-how of the CRSPs internationally, ETN is present and active at all consultations of the European Commission (and European Parliament and World Customs Organisation) together with the more traditional Trade associations representing the different economic operators.

Mr. Karl G Hansson founded the company KGH in the early 1960’s to fill an important gap and to act as an intermediate between Customs and importers and exporters, in order to facilitate border-crossing procedures. Almost fifty years later, KGH is still the major Customs Broker at the border between Norway and Sweden… But the skills and competences of KGH have been further developed over the years in order to meet the demand of its wide customer base on new services.

In 2007 the KGH company was divided into three different core businesses: Customs Representation, Customs Compliance and Government Consulting. Their main IT&C solution for handling electronic customs processes is the state-of-the-art software Butterfly®Vision, which automates customs procedures and transactions as much as possible, either by integration within their customers’ corporate systems or directly hosted at the KGH premises.

KGH has a unique position in the market of foreign trade as a group, over decades providing its extensive experience in Customs and border interaction both from the traders and the government side. Their wider actuation as IT&C service provider was a natural step forward: EurTradeNet is proud to add their differential know-how, and the CRSPs collaborating under the ETN umbrella certainly benefit from KGH adhesion.

Under bona fide principles, the adhesion of a new member to EurTradeNet allows mutual assessment of the values offered by each party, the joint commitment towards a common vision and shared goals, and the respectful fulfilment of ETN professional cooperation.

The EurTradeNet – ETN Association keeps growing and is in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map.

  • If you are a fully certified CRSP company or a specialised entity also dealing with eCustoms,
  • If you are willing to establish fair professional collaborations that will make you well-prepared,
  • If you believe that cooperation leads to excellence.

… You are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet-ETN.

We are looking forward to your approach to ETN!!!