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ETN Annual Meeting

Jun 2011 ETN Annual Meeting

Year 2011 is a challenging momentum in trans-European customs handling; new regulations are coming into force (e.g. ENS and EXS procedures since last January) and the horizon of the Modernised Customs Code is getting closer. The customs-related service providers (CRSPs) are the companies delivering ad-hoc IT applications and communication solutions to handle the electronic information exchange among traders and Customs Authorities. They are used to adapt in a continuum as new regulations are fixed, thus over the years they’ve won the professional prestige in their areas of influence. But nowadays the CRSPs need more than ever to be wider and broader in their interconnections, reaching further geographies and linking to more agents in the value chain.

Last June 15 and 16, the 2011 Annual Meeting of EurTradeNet took place at Vilassar de Mar in Barcelona (Spain). A total of 28 top professionals attended this year, all at management positions and business director level, both coming from SMEs with local scope and from larger multinationals with more global coverage. Vilassar de Mar has been a perfect environment for the ETNers to further share their long-term experience serving in 21 different European countries, all looking forward a common understanding of the CRSP sector and a joint influence in the future of eCustoms. EurTradeNet additionally organised two external interventions: representatives from the World Customs Organisation directly explained on the Harmonised System 2012, and a remote access to the IATA webinar on ICS was available for core attendants.

The ETN Alliance is still growing up, searching for complementary expertise to add to its unique knowledge network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map.

If you are a fully certified company in your CRSP actuation, if you are willing to fair professional collaborations for getting broader and wider, if you believe in adding for becoming better… you are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet. We´ll be glad to listen to your proposal