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ETN Annual Meeting 2020 finally Virtual

Nov 2020 ETN Annual Meeting 2020 finally Virtual

The EurTradeNet Annual Meeting this year was finally a virtual event. Although it was scheduled to be held in beautiful Segovia in Spain, it was delayed twice due to COVID19. Nonetheless, over 50 ETN experts joined the different sessions organized on a four-day assembly the past November 2020; all guests actively listened to what’s new in eCustoms, and jointly discuss and agreed on the best direction to take.

The ETN Virtual 2020 started with a follow-up session where EurTradeNet associates (including the new comers HUZAR-Poland and ABACUS-Italy) had the chance to meet their International colleagues. They shared the impact of the pandemic on their businesses, and how they were able to quickly adapt to the new circumstances.

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom was again a key topic. Most of the ETNers agreed Brexit is a complicated challenge, but also an opportunity for their valuable eServices in Customs; they have the chance to further help their Clients in their trade operations with the UK.

As usual EurTradeNet counted with the participation of top specialists from DG TAXUD to present and actively dialogue on key eCustoms matters:

  • Trans-European harmonization across customs procedures. Agreed innovations will be first implemented for the new UCC systems handling exports and transits (Germany and Poland are the 2021 forerunners of AES and NCTS-5). Kanto Petri conducted this session, she’s being the Project Leader in charge of AES&NCTS but also overall homogenization across customs systems. Paul-Hervé Theunissen, Strategic IT&C Advisor of DG TAXUD, wisely complemented Kanto’s presentation and reinforced her key messages for CRSPs’ active intervention.
  • UCC multi-annual planning. Thorough explanation of eCustoms prioritisation, information gathering and reporting mechanisms EU-wide. Zahouani Saadaoui (Head of Sector Digital Customs) has a broad understanding of UCC projects’ management; he explained the revisited scheduling of key projects to ETN guests, and they had the chance to intervene and give their expert feedback.
  • EU Customs Single Window. The legal baseline is completed now; well-coordinated with other relevant DGs, the agreed solution for EU-CSW is based on the intercommunication of National SWs. Zahouani Saadaoui covered this part as well, he is in charge of EU-CSW environment at TAXUD; he brings bright ideas and is very persuasive with Third Authorities and other Directorates at the Commission to collaborate. The time of IT&C matters is coming now for EU-CSW, precisely the know-how the ETNers can bring to the table.
  • ICS-2, the UCC revolution of the previous import control system. Session in charge of Klemen Oven (Programme Manager of ICS-2) and the specialist Renata Pauliukaityte (Business Transformation Manager of ICS-2). Extensive presentation of all details: release planning to cover all transport modes, information flow and architecture, access points through a harmonised trader interface, transition and communication campaign. EurTradeNet and the ETNers are invited to further collaborate, not only from the tech specs, but during the whole communication cycle as multipliers to pass the correct message to trade community they serve internationally…

This ETN Virtual 2020 had again Frank Janssens’ active (and always pertinent) interventions. It is an honour to have Frank as ETN Honorary Member since 2018.

The speakers emphasized the aspects where the experts from ETN could and should collaborate with TAXUD, indicating the milestones of the different projects and the fora to share our expertise. Key tasks where appointed, such as helping with specs, development, training, testing and operational feedback.

All relevant documents and the presentations (including live videos) are available in the ETN Intranet for the exclusive access by the ETNers.

EurTradeNet yearly events are specially focused on enhancing existing knowledge and adding value for ETN executives and specialists. The ETN Annual Meeting is the yearly platform for Members to actively engage in discussions on European Customs, and to be informed about the latest IT&C developments internationally.

The EurTradeNet – ETN Association keeps growing and is in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map. 

  • If you are a fully certified CRSP company or a specialised entity also dealing with eCustoms,
  • If you are willing to establish fair professional collaborations that will make you well-prepared,
  • If you believe that cooperation leads to excellence

… You are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet-ETN.

We are looking forward to your approach to ETN!!!