Eurtradenet | The New Association starts welcoming all ETNers and key Affiliates
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The New Association starts welcoming all ETNers and key Affiliates

Feb 2014 The New Association starts welcoming all ETNers and key Affiliates

Early in 2014 EurTradeNet changed to the most appropriate legal form to globally represent the CRSP community Europe-wide: International Non-Profit Professional Association. ETN membership adhered to the NewAssoc and EurTradeNet further complemented its knowledge network with the affiliation of the Association of Freight Software Suppliers in the UK.

EurTradeNet has the only objective to professionally represent the Customs-Related Service Providers (CRSPs), being their ear and voice with the regulators and third stakeholders at the global level, pre-alerting them on new initiatives and directives to come, and influencing as possible realistic fine-tuning before entering into force. Looking forward to the most solid structure and rules of conduction, at the last ETN Annual in Lyon the transformation of EurTradeNet into an International Non-Profit Professional Association was unanimously agreed, and it became a reality right in January 2014.

Based in the UK since 1993, AFSS is a professional Association of leading software suppliers to the freight and transportation Industry, entities providing IT solutions in forwarding, warehousing, customs and international trade. After 20 years representing its membership, AFSS has solid consultation links with the most relevant UK Authorities, and is perceived as a highly knowledgeable alliance at the EU level.

EurTradeNet was founded in 2003 with the aim to globally represent the CRSPs, the companies delivering IT solutions to the traders to handle their eCustoms information exchange Europe-wide. All along its 10 years promoting the unique know-how of the Customs-Related Service Providers, EurTradeNet has won the acknowledgement of the global Authorities and Regulatory Bodies in eCustoms, and is the official Trade Association representing the CRSPs at the EU analysis and consultations.

AFSS and EurTradeNet are complementary in scope of actuation and have common goals when representing their membership (broader promotion and better preparation), thus in February 2014 decided to further cooperate, by promptly sharing relevant information on eCustoms (operational realities and innovation plans) and when appropriate jointly defending IT&Customs positions based on their unique IT deployment and operational experience.

Under bona fide principles, the AFSS affiliation to EurTradeNet will allow mutual assessment of the values offered by the other party, the joint commitment towards a common vision and shared goals, and the respectful fulfilment of their professional cooperation.

The ETN Alliance keeps growing and is in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map.

  • If you are a fully certified CRSP company or represent a group of them,
  • If you are willing to establish fair professional collaborations that will make you well-prepared,
  • If you believe that cooperation leads to excellence.

…you are a perfect candidate to be part of the New Era of EurTradeNet.

We are looking forward to your approach to the NewAssoc!!!.