Eurtradenet | Nordic Europe welcomes the ETN Annual Meeting 2017
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Nordic Europe welcomes the ETN Annual Meeting 2017

Jun 2017 Nordic Europe welcomes the ETN Annual Meeting 2017

Year 2017 in eCustoms is centred on the deep reflection on UCC feasibility, EU-wide and according to a commonly agreed plan. The analysis of alternative deployment approaches, and multi-party collaboration, are key to assure effective customs renovation in Europe. Two leading Nordic ETN Members, EMMA Systems and KGH Customs Services, co-hosted the ETN Annual 2017 titled eCustoms On the Go!.

The Nordic region is a great mirror to look at in electronic customs; innovative and cooperative, they are effectively deploying processes and systems to facilitate cross-border trade. The Union Customs Code and its implementation challenges in Europe, and the great Nordic sense of multi-party dialogue for effective deployment, made easy the selection of the core theme and location for the ETN Annual 2017.

With the co-support of the two Nordic-based ETN Members (EMMA Systems and KGH Customs Services), this new Annual Meeting was hosted at the Holmenkollen Park in Oslo, 1+2 June 2017. Almost 50 attendants this year; during two intensive days the ETN members and affiliates were actively analysing their new challenges in service provision, in a double perspective:

  • Public policy making: Mr. Kenneth Persson, Director of EU Affaires and International Cooperation at the Swedish Customs, was a principal speaker. His know-how surpasses the Nordic region, as expert participating at the most relevant fora on European eCustoms innovation, he thoroughly explained on trans-National projects and how UCC deployment is being re-shaped EU-wide.
  • Private service provision: two significant traders explained their sector needs in electronic Customs, their expectations on IT&C solutions, thus the response needed from the service providers (the ETNers). These external guests were DHL Express Norway, and Bring the Norwegian Postal Services.

The ETN members and affiliates had the chance to actively listen, to gather information and to make personal reflections, to professionally share knowledge on key topics. The first meeting day was completed with a guru intervention by Lars Karlsson, showing his expert views and projections, and provoking highly interesting dialogue. And the second day, Bring invited the ETN internal and external guests to a professional visit to the new facilities of the Norwegian Postal Services.

The EurTradeNet-ETN alliance keeps growing and is in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map. Members

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