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Apr 2019

EurTradeNet keeps expanding, nowadays in France

In 2009 the first French CRSP adhered to EurTradeNet, a brave customs-related provider offering innovative solutions and IT&C platforms. But the French market is large and other business leaders may complement our ETN knowledge, and add value. This year CONEX also joins forces with EurTradeNet and its estimable membership EU-wide....

Sep 2018

EurTradeNet assembles top air cargo providers

Significant cargo community services and IT providers devoted to the Air Cargo industry, converge on customs needs and complementary solutions. EurTradeNet is proud to adhere now the leading CHAMP Cargosystems to the ETN Alliance....

Jun 2018

ETN Italia consolidation with new leading membership

Over three years of joint operation as EurTradeNet National branch, ETN Italia keeps enlarging its National knowledge network, adding new members with leading solutions and complementary expertise. OptiSoft just adhered to EurTradeNet-ETN and is willing to jointly contribute to our common cause....