Eurtradenet | EurTradeNet gets consolidated in 2011
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EurTradeNet gets consolidated in 2011

Jan 2012 EurTradeNet gets consolidated in 2011

EurTradeNet is honoured to count on the stable collaboration of more leading CRPSs in key regional markets (ACO in Italy, ACS in Russia, CNS in the Czech Republic, dFlex in Slovakia, and ULUKOM in Turkey) as well as Cargonaut Internationall, the leading infomediary in air cargo trade founded at Schipol.

2011 has been a severe year for the eCustoms sector, experiencing a tough deployment of new procedures Europe-wide, while having limited resources and uncertain expectations. More than ever a devoted performance and good professional understanding among the key agents was a must. EurTradeNet succeeded, actively listening at the most relevant eCustoms fora, effectively reacting to new requirements, reporting problems and proposing solutions, and giving further strength and soundness to its network of well-prepared partners.

The ETN know-how is compiled from a rich variety of professional experiences Europe-wide, from small regional IT providers to the largest information management multinationals. With the addition of new stable partners, EurTradeNet keeps improving its background knowledge base, thus its overall capacity for global intervention is also augmented.

The ETN Alliance is still growing up, searching for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map.

If you are a fully certified company in your CRSP actuation, if you are willing to fair professional collaborations for being well-prepared, if you believe in adding for becoming better… you are a perfect candidate to be part of EurTradeNet. We´ll be glad to listen to your proposal.