Eurtradenet | ETN Italia, National branch of the EurTradeNet International Association
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ETN Italia, National branch of the EurTradeNet International Association

Nov 2015 ETN Italia, National branch of the EurTradeNet International Association

With the entrepreneurship of ACO Informatica as early ETN adopter, and the adhesion of four leading CRSPs with ad-hoc Italian actuation, in November 2015 EurTradeNet established the National branch ETN-Italia, complementing its International IT&Customs information and influence global role, with ad-hoc professional actuations in Italy.

The European Commission fixes the general directives and new rules to conduct eCustoms EU-wide, from May 2016 under the new Union Customs Code. But all procedures are still locally implemented and operated; thus the closer liaison with the National Authorities in all EU countries, the better preparation to implement and effectively deploy the supporting IT&C systems.

Along the years, EurTradeNet-ETN has fixed professional collaborations with the few existing National groupings when aligned with its neutral non-profit purposes: AFSS in the UK and CRSNP in Belgium are already ETN Affiliates. In other important European trade regions, EurTradeNet-ETN further operates through National branches; ETN-Italia is the first to act globally co-ordinated but locally independent in an EU country.

Acknowledged since early 2013 to attend the more exclusive eCustoms official forum in Italy, acting as any other Trade Association locally based. ETN Italia actively listens to the Regulatory Bodies in the country, jointly discusses new directives before coming into force, and honestly suggests realistic approaches to assure streamlined eCustoms operations in Italy.

Nowadays ETN-Italia professionally represents five Italian CRSPs: ACO Informatica, EuroArpa, MultiConsult, NovaSystems and Sprint Informatica. But the EurTradeNet-ETN alliance keeps growing and is in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network; we look forward to further integrations.

Think European Perform Local is not right an ETN motto; it’s our EurTradeNet reality.