Eurtradenet | Augmented positioning in Eastern Europe
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Augmented positioning in Eastern Europe

Oct 2012 Augmented positioning in Eastern Europe

EurTradeNet is honoured to announce a new ETN associate: ANADA Software from Croatia; in tandem with TRINET Informatika from Slovenia, Croatian NCTS is successfully deployed since 1st July 2012. Furthermore, SKG Poland keeps expanding its Regional Customs Gateway to ease the clearance of goods entering the Customs Union of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

ANADA is the Croatian software company creating its first customs solution in 1995; focused on simplified procedures and customs warehousing, nowadays they lead data conversions and exchange interfaces. Its stable collaboration with TRINET Informatika allowed ANADA to quickly react to new challenges, assuring full-EU-compliant solutions and a smooth NCTS operation. From July 2012 Croatia will enter into the other eCustoms procedures following an incremental plan. EurTradeNet is proud to add ANADA to the ETN Alliance, keep extending knowledge frontiers to speed up proper adhesions to our Customs Union.

Safe Cross-border Management and Trade Facilitation will keep being never-ending challenges. With no exception all ETNers work hard to succeed on it, and quite recently SKG in Poland amplified its Customs Gateway to handle secure and faster clearance of goods entering a neighbour Customs Union (Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan). Sending Electronic Prior Information to those customs systems is now available, the SKG Customs Gateway is now open to mobile technologies, and sensitive data transmission are fully guarded.

The ETN Alliance is growing and in constant search for complementary expertise to add to its unique professional network. Please see our current ETN knowledge map.

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